Management for talented people


An evolution in roster website building

Built on the rock-solid and versatile WordPress platform, RosterPress is built from the ground up to assist talent or model agents, band managers or promoters, or anyone managing a group of people, to build a comprehensive website that showcases their clients quickly, easily and affordably.

Booking Calendar

RosterPress integrates a full booking calendar, allowing you and your staff to keep track of all upcoming events. Create your own list of event types like “audition”, “interview”, “meeting” or “callback” and assign color codes to each. Bookings¬†are displayed on the master calendar for quick reference. Set up multiple email notifications, optional SMS integration and even voice messages* as well to make sure you and your clients never miss an appointment.

Talent Lists

Our “Talent Lists” feature allows you to build a list of people from across all categories and group them into a custom list. You can then use this list on a page or in a post to show only those talent.

It could be a list of the hottest new additions, top performers, monthly recognition or any other idea you can think of. Our easy drag-and-drop system allows the list to be reorganized at any time, and you can add to or remove from the lists whenever you need.

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